Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Funnies: 1st Grade

Student- Miss Cremer, is the hole in your nose hooked to your throat?
Me- Yes
Student- because I think I just swallowed a "burger" aka booger

On Mondays we share our weekends. One little girl said, "My step-mom found a bunch of my dad's movies and got mad. They were inappropriate and thats where he learns all his bad words."

As we were watching mens figure skating (the guy with the black and pink crazy outfit, with the single tassle) one of my kids asked, "Why is his butt so tight?"

As we were playing a chunking game, a kid drew sag. I asked if it was a real word. He said, "Ya, black people do it all the time."

Same chunking game, dick came up. I said it was a name and didn't count. One kid said, "Yah huh! Its a bad word instead of, you know." 

Lady GaGa dance party/sing along. One girl started singing Rah, rah, ro, ma, ma, and doing the GaGa one handed hip thrust back bend thingy.... then they all started singing.

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