Sunday, August 12, 2012

DIY Crate Coffee Table

After browsing Pinterest for hours this summer, I decided that I needed a new coffee table.  I found one I really liked:

I knew I could do it myself, I had to tools, I just needed the supplies.  So I went to Michael's with 3 40% off coupons, and 1 50% off coupon in hand, ready to buy my crates.  However, the Michael's I went to only had 3 crates. So I got what they had.  But, FYI they have a stupid coupon policy, that only allows you to use 1 coupon at a time.  So I had to head to a few other Michael's to find my 4th crate, and was able to use the coupon.  I also went to Home Depot and bought 2 1x2x6 boards and some casters (next time I would buy them with a lock).   

Supplies Needed: 

  • 4 Crates (Michaels)
  • 2 1x2x6 boards
  • Scrap of plywood (the size of the hole in the center)
  • variety of screws (11/2 in to 3 in)
  • 4 casters (these are the ones I got)
  • rag
  • Kona colored Wood Stain
  • Paintbrush
  • Drill
  • Circular Saw
  • gloves (for when you stain)
  • sand paper/sander
  • C Clamps

Here is the cast of characters! 

The first step is to sand the crates.  This will help the wood stain soak in easier, and it will be easier to apply. I learned this the hard way, and sanded only the last 2 before the stain! 

Shake up the stain, otherwise the color will be different at the beginning and end of the staining process. Put on some gloves, unless you want brown freckle hands for a week. Then paint on the stain, following the grain. Next, wipe it off with a rag. 

Yay! They are all stained, now it is time to assemble! 
Cut the boards so they fit the length of the crates.  Place them so they line up on the edges.  Next drill holes.  Make sure you drill them in places, so that they will go into wood, not into the middle of the crate. Place the screws in the holes.
 I used C clamps to help me hold them in place.

Next, cut the boards to fit in the remaining spots, to form a square. Drill holes, and place screws in holes. 

Add a support board to hold it together, remember to screw into the wider boards, not the slats, so it won't go into your crate "holes."
Cut the plywood to fit in the center hole.  I cut a smaller board and screwed it across the middle of the crate, then screwed the plywood to the board.

Next, finish staining, I stained the other boards and any spots I thought needed it again.

Finally, screw on the casters. I was getting very excited that I was almost done, and didn't take pictures of this step!

And here it is! I am still working on the decorations...

I love it! I am so proud of myself for doing it all on my own. It took me about 3 hours total. I would say I spent about $60 to make this table, I saw one for sale on Etsy for $360!


  1. Hi! I found you by googling crate coffee table how to. LOVE the table you created. Looking to make something like it for our back porch. What are your deminisions on the finished table?

    1. The final dimensions are 27 1/2 in x 27 1/2 in and it is about 15 1/2 inches tall. Good luck!

  2. I'm from england do you know were I could find these crates ta

  3. I'm from england do you know were I could find these crates ta

  4. I found one I really liked: I knew I could do it myself, I had to ...

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