Monday, August 20, 2012

I Can't Bake, But I Can Make Cakes!

Being a 28 year old girl, I have to go to my fair share of bridal showers! I like to give theme gifts, or make something for the bride.  The last 2 showers that I have been to, I made them cakes. I used dish towels and napkins to create them.  Then I added kitchen utensils and wine to decorate them. 

For this one, I wrapped a cake pan in a napkin.  Next, I rolled up all of the napkins and secured them with rubber bands.  I placed them around a wine bottle and tied them with twine.  I then wrapped a napkin around the wine bottle, and secured it with twine.  Finally, I stuck in a few wooden spoons (I buy these even though they are not on the registry, because they come in a set for $2-5 and really add to the cake.)  Finally I added the "Love" sign. (Instructions) For this particular shower we are supposed to bring a bottle of wine as the card, so it worked out perfectly! My wine tag said, "first fight" so I got her a Sassy Bitch wine and thought I would throw in some love too! I love how this turned out and might have to go buy these napkins for myself! Meryl has good taste!

For Megan's cake, I did it a little different.  I wrapped cardboard rectangles in dish towels, and secured them with chip clips.  Megan and Greg registered for about 3 different kinds of chip clips, so I thought I could put them to use! Then I stacked the rectangles and poked in a few extra dish towels and spoons, etc. Finally, I wrapped ribbon around to help secure everything in place and add a little decoration.  

This next cake, was not for a shower, but for Kent's birthday.  Kent LOVES Keystone, I'm not sure why, but probably because it is cheap! I always am so embarrassed to buy his Keystone at the Liquor store. Come on Kent, you are 28, grow up and drink some Bud Light! :) To make this cake, I cut 2 cardboard circles.  I placed the beer on the circles and secured them with ribbon. Then I stacked them together and added the 28's on with stickers.  I probably could have gone all out with the decorating, but as Kent said, "I'd be happy with just a case of Keystone!"


  1. wait you can't bake? I never knew that...I am sure you can! LOVED your gift for Meryl Pearl and so did she.

    1. Ashley,
      I really can only do baking out of a box. I am not an accurate measurer. I am more of a pinch, and dump kind of girl! I'm also not a huge sweet fan. Usually, I just do no-bake desserts!