Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mother's Day Similes

We are working on poetry in class right now. This week we have been working on figurative language. I had my students come up with a list of adjectives that describe moms, or grandmas, in some cases.  Next, I had them turn them into similes.  They couldn't just do adjective (like/as) noun. They had to be more specific. I think they did a nice job of coming up with creative ideas.  Finally, I let them make their mom out of construction paper. Some of them did a better job at this than others!

Here are some of my favorites:
Mom you’re as sweet as an ice-cream cone full of thoughtful words melted across a happiness meadow.

You’re as busy as a rollercoaster zooming though a park blowing people away.

You’re as warmhearted as my heart giving hugs and making people feel better.

You’re as smart as a genie, future teller, and, old wise men combined with extra wisdom.

You’re as fashionable as a supermodel with the prettiest dress and accessories.

You’re as precious as an old china vase passed down for generations and generations.

You’re as funny as a comedian in the same room with the guy Jeff and his puppets.

Your love is as strong as a force field that protects the earth from evil and things that can harm me.

You’re as brave as a guy going in the military and taking a bullet for his bud.

You’re as caring as a nurse doing her most no to give up on a patient
-JC 2013

You are as beautiful as the sunshine that brightens my day!

You are as busy as a mother who has ten kids even though you only have half that!

You are as sweet as the pollen of a flower carried by a bee!

You are as humorous as a comedian who can make anybody laugh!

You are as protective as a mother bear fighting for her cub’s lives!

You are as fashionable as the next top model wearing the prettiest outfit in the world!

You are as fun as the rush of a roller coaster when you feel butterflies in your stomach!

You are as wise as an owl who all the other animals go to for advice!

You are as bright as the brightest star in the solar system, that sticks out from all the other stars!

You are as blissful as biting into chocolate with caramel inside!
-EV 2013

You’re as sweet as sugar on a freshly picked strawberry from a nearby meadow

You’re as kind as a little red ladybug floating in the breeze

You’re as funny as a travelling circus that doesn’t have creepy clowns

You’re as beautiful as a rainbow tulip that wins first place in every garden show

You’re as creative as Monet, Picasso, De ’Vinci, and Van Gough put together

You’re as fun as an imaginative little child thinking of millions of games to play

You’re as giving as Santa Claus on Christmas Eve

You’re as sympathetic as a loyal dog who senses your feelings everyday

You’re as caring as a professional nurse who helps people every hour of each day

You’re as happy as a child in Disney World on all of the best rides

Mom I love you every day, and I want you to know that in all the possible ways.
-AM 2013

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