Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hair ties

I first found these hair ties in my Birch Box.  They are great because they don't leave a bump in your hair, they are cute, and hold your hair up! However, I have not bought any because they are $3.00 for ONE hair tie!

When I saw this deal on Pick Your Plum, I had to grab it! All this for $7 with shipping!

For those of  you that don't know PYP is like a craft Groupon!

First I cut the elastic to about 8 inches long. I used this note pad as my template!
Then I tied, and tied, and tied some more. This elastic made 60 hair ties!

Next, I burned the ends using a candle, so that they wouldn't fray.

Then I whipped up a cute little card to display them on using my Silhouette!
I sent them to a few of my BFF's because, who doesn't love some snail mail?! 


  1. Ape - link to pick your plum isn't working, going to a weird google search about vases

  2. blog needs to say what the elastic is called