Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hooded Towel

Follow the numbers, not the steps! OOps!

1. Measure a hand towel to 24 inches. 
3. Fold towel in half lengthwise and place strip about one inch below the fold. 
2. Cut a strip of fabric 25 inches long. (You can fold it in and make the edges nice, or leave them raw)
4. Unfold the towel, and sew on to towel using a top stitch.

5. Fold the hand towel the other direction, so the fabric is touching. 
6. Sew on either side leaving the raw ends open. Turn right side out. 
7. Take the corner I am pointing to, and tuck it into the other corner. 
8. It should make a hood!

9. Fold the edge up to hide the raw edges, and sew. 
10. pin to the center of the towel, right sides together
11. Stitch one more time,  to make sure it stays on! 
12. Hang in the bathroom, take to the pool, or give as a gift! 

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