Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Life in iPhone Photos

I've been busy enjoying the spring weather. This means I haven't done much cooking or crafting. Hey, the kids would like it if I wasn't teaching too.

Volleyball- It has been SO cold! We have been wearing layers and tennis shoes in the sand!

Field trip to Topeka, they finally are done with construction inside! Isn't it pretty?

Real life desk shot. Dibels, Nooks, money for market day, not sure what else! 

Finally a day that it was nice out. I got to see Miss Scarlett and go out for drinks on the patio with her mommy!

This is a new one.. Hazel... It was a hazelnut macchiato and the barista said, "oh, a drink just for you?"
I thought she meant something about it was the month of April.

Yes, Erica keeps all of these in her wallet... My favorite, the one ripped in half!

Another rare nice day!

Drew's soccer game! He scored a goal! 

Wine Walk with the crew!

Hay Ride for Brandon's first birthday

Cowboy Brandon

Rock the Parkway 5K

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