Monday, August 27, 2012

Trash to Treasure

It all started with this....
I found a table online that a lady had made and showed it to Kent (my handyman and BFF.)  
I told him, "I like this."  
He dug through the "trash."
This is the "Elephant Truck" at my mom's house.
She keeps wood in it.

 I came home to a pile of wood on my front porch.
 I did not think that that pile of wood would ever become the beautiful table I had dreamed of.  
It was all weathered, crooked, and had nails.
So I decided while Kent cut the wood, I was going to sand it. 
He said, "No, we don't need to do that!" 
I said, "YES WE DO! I want it white!" 

I sanded, and he cut. I sanded some more, and more, and more.... 
Until we had all of the boards ready to go. 
We picked the best out of the boards and followed her pattern. 
We came up with this: 

Kent wanted to leave it like this.
 I said, "I WANT IT WHITE!"

I got my way! :) 
We painted it white, with paint I had leftover from another project. 
 And he agreed, he liked it white. 

The next decision, and the only money I spent on this table, 
was to find the handles for the  "drawers" aka wood rectangles with handles.  

These were my choices. 
 I went for the $2.99 (that were on sale for %50 off at Hobby Lobby!)
 Making the cost for 2, $3.50!

However, the next debate, was what to do with the top of the table. 
I thought it needed sanding, he didn't. 
We decided to let it sit for a while. 

He won that debate. 
I screwed the boards and "drawers" on, so they really have that vintage, farm house feel, a little crooked! 

And that trash was turned into a treasure! I LOVE IT!

This has become my "mantle" that I get to decorate.

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Updated 1/15/13: to add Christmas decorations and Not Just A Housewife DIY contest.

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  1. Wow!!! Beautiful. Love the finished product, it looks like something that would be expensive to buy in the store. Awesome job!