Friday, August 17, 2012

Story of the Day --The Best Of In Pictures


So you don't get a 'woopin'

I love her so much she loves me and loves some one 'else'
my 'heart' would stop beating if she 'died'
I would risk my life for her I love her who is her 'name removed'
go out yes or no

Last night frog had a dream while he was sleeping. He grew boobs
and when she woke up he said I am a girl! Toad came to frog
and said will you marry me? Yes said frog so they got married.

I'm not your friend

I went to Hooters this weekend I watched UFC. I had a lot of fun.

Does air have mass? How could you prove it does or doesn't?
Well if you go on the computer you will find a video and watch it.

I love her she does not she makes my 'heart' beat she makes my day. She is
'pretty' I will risk my life for you. 'You're' my heart, 'you're' my soal. I love you.

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