Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Funnies

These are some of the best lines from one of my favorite students in 1st grade... I had fun digging these up and had some good laughs! I hope you enjoy!

  • Miss Cremer, you need to stop drinking Dr. Pepper, because you are gettin' sexier every day! 
  • Miss Cremer, do you breastfeed? I saw Kathy breastfeed once! 
  • He was sitting in the hall with a friend waiting for his older sibling conference. One was break dancing, the other was singing "Teach me how to dougie!"
  • Miss Cremer you look HOT HOT HOT today!"
  • My dad said on my sisters birthday she is going to have a sex discussion. That means kissing, and getting married, and having babies and..... THEN I cut him off! :)
  • Playing the song "Beauty and the Beast." He says, "This is a perfect song to kiss to!"
  • A girl was wearing sparkle jeans a sparkle shirt, and a vest... "Wow, you look SMOKIN HOT!"
  • Can I have this butterfly to give to my mom? I want to give it to her on hallelujah day! 
  • He brought me this for "good luck"
  • He was talking in a girly voice to a little girl, then he said....I'm sorry I was just practicing my girl talk, so I can get on girls!

And the best part of this... I could have him again next year!

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