Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Back To School Activities

This year I tried a few new back to school activities and LOVE how they turned out! 

The first activity was a Wordle of descriptive words.  We talked about using colorful words, and adjectives to describe ourselves.  I really want my kids to stop using "boring" words! For this activity, they had to come up with the following adjectives: 
  • 5 words that describe them physically
  • 5 words that describe their personality 
  • 10 words that others think about them (for this part they got to go around the room and get compliments from others)
After they had their list of 20 adjectives, they had to type them into Word.  Then they typed their name 5 times.  Next, they went to to create their Wordle.  They copied and pasted their list into the text box.  I have them do this so they don't lose their words after they get them in Wordle.  

Wordle Hints: 
  • use ~ between words for words that go together for example, brown~hair
  • Type words many times to make the font larger

The next activity was a bio poem and portrait with a fun frame! 

I got the idea from : Create-Teach-Share
She also had a great template for a bio poem. Autobiography Poem

I combined the two to make it one project.

Next, I had the kids work on a Guess Who activity.  I got this from Dots-n-Spots. They had to write 5 general and 5 specific clues about themselves. They had fun and got really creative! Inside, I put their pictures from the first day of school. They even stumped their parents at BTSN!

Guess Who Document

This next activity had to be the kids favorite! We read the story The Secret Knowledge of Grown Ups, This story even made me laugh out loud! Then, re-wrote our own reasons for rules. We even put them in a cute folder that we made! I got this idea from Create-Teach-Share

All of these ideas, and more can be found on my Back To School Pinterest Board! 

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