Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Funnies

We were reading about Galileo's thermometer I read this aloud "He filled a number of small glass BALLS (kids say, ewwww that's just wrong) partway with colored water and sealed them shut. The BALLS of colored water all floated in water. Galileo knew that water expands as it warms up......... Then he attached a weight to each BALL. The weights were adjusted to give each BALL a slightly different buoyancy. The result was that when the water was cold (at its densest) all of the BALLS floated. As water warmed up, becoming less dense, BALLS would sink. By placing the BALLS in a column of water in order of their buoyancy., with the least dense on top (BY THIS TIME I AM OMITTING BALLS because of the laughter that will not stop).... It is in the passage 4 more times!

Then in math that same day, we had to work a whole problem with MIXED NUTS ... again laughter and me screaming BE MATURE ABOUT IT! GET OVER IT!

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