Tuesday, September 4, 2012

"Don't dance on the table with lampshades on your head!"

ADPi girls, I think of Martha every time I look at lamps and lamp shades...

Why are lamps so expensive? I was in Salvation Army looking for a table, and found 2 lamps for $2.99 each, and they were 25% off! They didn't have lampshades, so I ran to a few places and found some that would work. 

Now you may think this lamp is ugly, but imagine it with spray paint! That is just what I did! 

So I got out my trusty glossy grey spray paint and got to work. 

Two coats of this stuff and the lamp was ready for its shade! 

Good as new for $10! I want to add a flower or something to the shade, but that will be for another day. 

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  1. I laughed out loud at this...the rest of the post didn't even matter. I couldn't get past the quote, the mention or Martha, and the pic of you and Megs.