Sunday, October 14, 2012

Wine Bottle Jack-O-Lanterns

I saw these cute little guys on Pinterest last year.  I really wanted to make them, because I knew that I would have wine bottles to spare.  I cleaned out the wine bottles, and used goo-gone to get the labels off.  Then, I bought orange acrylic paint and squirted it in the bottles.  I shook it up (with a paper towel as my new cork).  I added a hint of water to make sure it got spread around. I rolled back and forth. It does take a while for the paint to dry, if you put a lot.  I have been "rolling" mine for 3 days now and the paint is still not dry.  Finally, I cut out black vinyl for the faces and stuck them on there! Easy! My bottles that I chose already had green tops, so I didn't have to do anything to them. You could tie a ribbon to them.

You could do it on wine bottles that have not been used, and give them as gifts. That's what they did on the original idea!

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