Monday, October 8, 2012

Mom's Bathroom

Way back when I was in 7th grade. I thought this wallpaper and color was cool.  I talked my mom into painting the bathroom and we put up the border together.  We didn't have enough, so we had to improvise and cut out the little shapes! Now, 15 years later, the border was peeling off, and the bathroom had seen better days.  Not to mention that awful gold mirror and flower rug!

Deciding on a paint color.

After Bob passed away, I decided it was time. I emptied out everything that was in there, and started taking down the border, painting the trim, cabinets, and the walls.

Originally, we had planed to just put up a chair rail and leave the bottom painted white. But my mom found this cool bead board wallpaper from Martha Stewart.  It had really good reviews, and you can paint over it.  However, you had to order it online. 

So after it was all painted, mom put up the wallpaper. She is good at that, most of our house has had wallpaper at one point. I swore I would never put it up again. So she did it. But it looks awesome!

Finally, we painted it and added the trim and decorations.

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