Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Shaving Cream Clouds

Sometimes when you teach, its the ideas that come at the last minute that the kids love the most. In science, we have been doing a lot of book work.  The kids are used to doing an activity, experiment, or both at least 2-3 times a week.  Partly because it is the end of the quarter, and partly because we have an upcoming field trip to the Aquarium, I am rushing the end of this weather unit.  Today we only had 30 minutes for science.  We had to learn about clouds. I had a worksheet ready to go where we were just going to draw the clouds, write one fact, and label them. BORING, but they got the information.  I didn't want to drag out the glue and the cotton balls, so I thought of my messy closet.... SHAVING CREAM!

You would have thought they died and gone to heaven.  I heard over and over today how this was the best science ever!

First I reviewed with them on this cloud website the different kinds of clouds.  We also played the memory game.

Then I left the image of the different kinds of clouds up on the screen and gave them a squirt of shaving cream.  I had them create each of the different kinds of clouds.  Then I had them make any of them and let their neighbor guess what it was.  Finally, I let them PLAY and get the shaving cream off the desk!
After they were cleaned up they had to draw and label 4 kinds on the worksheet. 

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