Saturday, October 13, 2012

Grandma Cleo Quilts

My grandma Cleo loved sewing.  She would make a quilt for every baby that was born in the family. Once grandma passed away, this became my job.  While, I am no Grandma Cleo, I TRY to make as many as I can.  All of my cousins that have Grandma or Aunt Cleo blankies treasure their blankies.  They are so soft, and large, so you can still snuggle with them when you are older. The sleeping teddy is our favorite!

 I started to fill her shoes in high school, in my sewing class. I remember one of the first ones I made was for baby Madeline.  Her mom only wanted to hang it up and wouldn't let her use it. These blankies are meant for use!!

I have made them for both of my god sons, Shaun and Lucas. I have even used some fabric from Grandma's house and her sewing machine!

Now that I am counting these, I have probably made at least 10 Teddy Blankies.  Some are in a box tucked away to be treasured, some are still being used today! Mine gets pulled out when I need a light weight blanket on the couch! 

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