Saturday, October 27, 2012

Whooo's Cute?

Growing up, my mom almost always made our Halloween costumes.  I think homemade costumes are so much cuter, and original! You do have to be a little creative, and plan ahead, but in the end it is worth it!

Super Dorky April as a Hershey Kiss

These were the pics I could find at home. I think Tinkerbell was 3rd grade, and Kiss was 5th.

I have kind of taken over the role of "The Rierson's Halloween Costume Maker." Last year I made them Pebbles.

I saw this adorable owl costume this spring, and knew this was going to be Vivi's costume.  I was going to make it as a cape, but then thought what 18 month old is going to want to keep a cape on?

I bought a pink onesie and pants from Old Navy. I bought felt, and cut lots and lots of feathers. The rest, I'm going to show to you in pictures.

First I laid them out to get a feel for what I wanted. 

Then sewed them on, row by row.

Around the collar, I tucked them in and sewed a top stich.  

Detailed picture of the wings. I sewed smaller feathers to ribbon.

Vivi' has a big head, so her mom had to buy a hat. I sent the accessories to sticky velcro on, when she found a hat.  

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