Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Fantastic in 5th- Chevron Style!

School has started! This year I have TWENTY FIVE Fantastic Fifth Graders! Last year I ended the year with 16, so this is going to be an adjustment! One nice thing is I that I know a few of these kiddos & their families, as I had them in 1st grade.

In order to fit 25 desks in my room, I had to do some rearranging.  I took out a file cabinet, moved my desk back, and moved the computers around.  I also added 2 new bookshelves to hold the new books we got to go along with our new reading series.

Here is the picture dump!

My cousin helped me make these flowers.  I still have a few I need to hang. 

My cousin Gabby, who is in 7th grade, helped me sew these curtains!
Today a kid asked me where I got them, because he needed some for his room!

Name Tags- I printed their names on card stock, then used washi tape to decorate.

New bookshelves!
I have my kids store their school boxes here, so they don't lose supplies in their desk

My updated Common Core math wall!

I got a lot of these cards from TPT-Ginger Snaps

Still love these metal buckets for supplies! They have lasted all all 6 years of teaching!

My document camera! LOVE! I started using this last year for math.
 I like having it at the front of the room. 

Coffee maker is always a must! 

I had my kids take a picture holding this sign on the first day of school!
I found this for free at 

This is the best time saver! I have black paper under these, and put washi tape on clothespins.
The kids can hang up their own work, and it is straight!

My desk makeover- I used chevron contact paper I bought on Amazon.

I may have gone a little overboard on the chevron, but we love it! Kids, Parents, and me too! There is more, but I am giving it its own posts!

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