Friday, September 27, 2013

Tuesday -Not So Funny- on Friday

Tuesday was a rough day. Here is a recap of what happened BEFORE 10:40!

My morning started with a practice lockdown.  During the lock down a kid got kicked, which prompted an evacuation of my room. We had class in the hall for a bit, but were distracted by another class having an A+PAAC lesson (Active learning).  At this point my practicum student shows up to observe, he found out what the real world was like.

We moved to the courtyard where we scrunched 8 kids around each of the 3 tables.  We were squished, so I told them they could spread out. Once the lesson was finished, they had a workbook page to finish. I told them they could spread out.  One of the students sat down in the dirt and upset a bee hive. At this point the principal walked to the courtyard to tell me I could go back into my room. The kid came up to me casually, and said, "Miss C, I got stung." I sent him to the nurse, lined up the rest of the class and headed back to the classroom.

Right when we got to the classroom, the announcements called us for bus safety.  We went to the bus, and as we were evacuating the bus, the kids found a skull and a rotting dead animal! We headed back to our room, where we were observed by another person!!!!

Not included in the story, what happened after 10:40...
- lesson taught by practicum student with his professor observing him
- A+PAAC lesson in my room
- Fighting over bracelets
- 3 think sheets
- glow sticks for a birthday
- school psych having to play mediator between 2 students

YES, ALL OF THIS HAPPENED IN ONE DAY! Not sure if my practicum student still wants to be a teacher! :)

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  1. Oh my! Maybe all that in one day will mean the rest if the year is calm?