Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Pleased as Punch

Every year in science, I start out with a measurement unit.  I have been doing the same thing for 3 years, and wanted to mix it up. So I headed over to the AIMS website to find something new.  I found this Pleased as Punch activity. THE KIDS LOVED IT! It gave them great practice measuring.

Here are some notes and points for management:

  • I bought 6 flavors of 100% juice for them to mix.  Kiwi Strawberry, Mango, Pineapple, Strawberry Banana, Fruit Punch, and White Grape. The kids and I do not recommend the white grape! 
  • They first had to create a recipe to make.  Then they had to measure each ingredient, practicing measuring mL.  
  • The AIMS activity comes with handy dandy measuring strips you can put run off on transparency paper, and tape them to clear cups.  This way you are not using your dirty graduated cylinders. 
  • I had each of them have a tasting cup, mixing cup, and measuring cup. 
  • Do this outside or in the cafeteria.  They will spill! 
  • They had to rate each one, and vote on their favorite. They also had to write descriptive words to describe what it tasted like. They could not write good.
  • Just a little warning, some of them did cheers, say bottoms up, and take it like shots... which gave me a good laugh! 



Go download it now! It is well worth the $2! 

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