Wednesday, September 25, 2013

iPad, iWonder and Limeades for Learning

Donors Choose and Sonic Limeades for Learning are working together to fund school projects across the country.  You can help by voting for my project, iPad, iWonder.  This is a great way to help, if you can't afford to donate.  

I know that an iPad in our classroom would not only help the students learn, but will also motivate them to read! 

Vote for iPad, iWonder

SONIC and work together once a year to support public school classrooms. Starting Sept. 23, you can find your favorite teacher's project and vote for SONIC to fund it. It could be a teacher in your community or just a project that really speaks to you. You can vote once daily, and are encouraged to come back again and again.
Sonic has donated over $3,000,000 to projects across the country. Choose a project that speaks to you and help get it funded.

See My Project

Thank You for your help! 

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