Monday, September 16, 2013

Cucumber Vodka

This is the last of the cucumber posts... my garden is almost done/dead. We had some really hot days this past week, and I have decided to just let it go!

One of my friends said to try cucumber vodka when I sent out the SOS for cucumber recipes.  I love the cucumber vodka you can buy at the liquor store, so I thought, why not!


Slice cucumbers and remove some of the seeds.  Add cucumbers to a quart sized mason jar.  Pour vodka over the cucumbers, until jar is almost full, and put on the lid.

Every day, give the jar a light shake, or just turn it upside down and back. Let it sit for a week or 2.

When you are ready, strain the vodka. I don't have a mesh strainer, so I had to get creative.  I used tulle that I held on with a rubber band around the neck of the jar.  I funneled it back into the vodka bottle.

Now that you have cucumber vodka, you can make a few drinks! Here are 2 of my favorite mixtures:

  • cucumber vodka and lemonade
  • cucumber vodka, tonic, lime, and mint

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