Saturday, August 9, 2014

Scrap Quilt

I have a confession. I'm a fabric hoarder. I have a whole bag of just scraps! I am turning into my Grandma Cleo. In fact, when she passed away, I even raided her fabric stash. I needed to do something with my fabric, so I started cutting it into squares. This got tedious real quick, and I stopped after I got a nice pile of squares. Next, I sewed the squares together. It was sad, that it only made about 3 rows. So I started using big pieces and just sewing them together. Then I would sew the strips together. I didn't care if they didn't match. I just had to keep going. I wanted it to be a queen sized quilt. 
After 2 days of sewing, I finally had this much finished. It is not perfect, but it is fun, funky, and has lots of memories woven into it. 

I measured it and it still wasn't big enough to be a quilt. So I added even more in the other direction.

Then I had this nice big quilt. I found an old top sheet that matched perfectly and decided to use it for the back. The next step was to quilt it. I did lots of research, weighed my options, and finally went into a local quilting store to seek advice.

These were my options:

1. Do it at home, by myself, on my little machine. (FREE + supplies)
2. Take a class to learn how to use their quilting machines, which cost $75. Then I could come in and use the machine for $15 an hour, and it would take me 4-6 hours to finish. ($150 + binding fabric, batting, and thread)
3. Send it off and make them do it all! 1.5 cents per square inch to quilt, plus binding fabric, batting, and thread) $180 all together. 4 weeks to wait for it. -- SOLD!

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