Friday, August 15, 2014

Dip & Dot Party

My "Italy" friends wanted to have a summer party with a great theme! We all love a good dip, so we started brainstorming around the dip theme. We came up with "Dip n' Dots." I think we all had too much fun shopping for polka dot themed things! I went on a hunt for swimsuits and something for the adults to wear.

We set up the polka dot stuff at night and the "Polka dot fairy"came with fun gifts!

Water balloons, Fun Dip, Dots Candy, and a swim suit!

Oh the balloons... these big balloons had quite the adventure!

I need to invest in the water balloon filler that can fill 100 up at one time! These girls LOVED the water balloons! 

This happy sun balloon was $12 and it lived at this table for all of 15 minutes, then it flew away. It provided some really good laughs!

Fairy gifts!

I made a sandwich bar for lunch. Dinner (which I didn't get pictures of was Italian Beef in the crockpot). We also had lots of dips!

Funfetti cupcakes!

 They loved the Fun Dip!

Swimming was so fun!

Evan's sweet polka dot outfit!

The girls! My polka dot dress was from Ann Taylor Loft

It was a great weekend had by all! 

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