Thursday, August 14, 2014

Baby Shower in a Box

My sister Becka, who lives in California is having a baby girl in September! She wasn't able to come home for a shower, so we sent her one in a box! 

I designed & sent out this invitation to my cousins and asked them to bring me their favorite "must have" baby item. When I had made this she had only registered for a few things, being a first time mom, she wasn't sure what she wanted. 

I included decorations, a drink mix, cup, straw, a snack, and a game!

I collected the gifts and wrapped them with the little tags that I included in the invitations.

I packed it all neatly in this great box and mailed it off to California!

I included an invitation for her and these instructions: 
Baby Shower (in a box )Instructions

1.     Open invitation
2.     Hang up decorations
3.     Make your drink
4.     Put out snacks
5.     Play game
6.     Open presents!

She was so excited and loved opening all of the surprises. 

For the game I collected all of our family members (grandma, aunts, uncles, and cousins) baby pictures and put them in this fun collage. I included the key in a sealed envelope!

My little sister and I even Face timed so we could be at the party!

She ended up with quite a haul and had a great time!

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