Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Hangover

Making 5 costumes, eating candy, carving pumpkins, and a fire pit last night, made for a long day today! Here is a look at my Halloween in pictures!

My Jessie from Toy Story costume. I made it from felt, glitter hot glue, cow print fabric, and fringe!

Chef Sloan- I embroidered her hat for her!

Gabby and I made this hippie without a pattern.  She did most of the sewing!
I stopped by to see this cute little witch!
We did a little pumpkin carving. I used a melon baller and apple corer to make the circles!

"Throwing candy" at the trick-or-treaters from the neighborhood fire pit!

I told my kids that I love Kit-Kats! They brought me their "extra" plus a few other yummies!

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