Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fried Tofu with Awesome Sauce

One of my favorite restaurants here in KC, Blue Koi, makes a great appetizer, "Fried Tofu with Awesome Sauce."  I have always been skeptical of tofu, but this tofu is sooo good! We have tried to duplicate, and this is as close as we can get. The sauce still isn't quite right, but it's pretty darn close!

Tofu Ingredients:
1 block of extra firm tofu
3/4 cups corn starch
1/4 cup cornmeal
salt & pepper to taste

Wrap the tofu in paper towels and drain water and pat it dry. You want it to be as dry as possible.
Cut the tofu into 1 inch cubes.
Mix dry ingredients together.
Add tofu to dry mixture. Toss and coat.
In a shallow pan, heat 3/4 cups of vegetable oil until it is hot (shimmery or water bubbles when flicked in it)
Add the tofu to the oil, turning it until all sides are golden brown.  (5 minutes or so)
Remove tofu and drain on paper towels.

Sauce Ingredients: 
Thai Chili Sauce

For the sauce, mix together Thai chili sauce and 1T of chopped cilantro.

Serve together and enjoy!

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