Friday, November 2, 2012

Election Funnies

With the election only a few days away, some of us feel like this:

Some of us feel like this:

Me- Who knows some presidents?
Kid- George Clooney

I wish we could have Will Smith as our president.

Sometimes I feel like I would rather have actors too!

2008 Election:

When I woke up this morning, my dad said you know who won last night? (election night 2008) I said K-State, I was confused and dreaming and didn't know it was Obama.

I read the kids a book about Obama and then McCain. One of my kids said, "Do we have to listen to the John McCain story if we are democrats?"

"I don't want to vote for McCain, he is too old and will probably die soon."

On the playground...

I see 2 kids wrestling, which is not allowed, so I blow the whistle at them. I said what game are you playing, thinking that they would say cops and robbers, Halo 3, lasso, or one of the otheres they enjoy playing with weapons. They said no, they were fighting. Here is how the fight went according to kid #3..

Kid #1- I want John McCain to win.

Kid #2- I want Obama to win.

Kid #2- I want McCain to DIE.

Kid #1- I want McCain to LIVE!

So they start tackling and fighting....

Still on the playground...

I hear a girl swinging cheering, I say Barack, you say Obama, then I say John, You say McCain. Then she procedeeds to sing to the "What ever you like" song... You can vote however you like.... You can vote however you like... at the top of her lungs on the swing! :)

We made these cute water color resist paintings!  I love how they turn out!

Election 2012:

I can't even say his name. It just makes me sick! (talking about Obama)

Really, you had to put that up? (My election bulletin board) I'm so sick of the election.

Class Vote:
 Obama: 19 
 Romney: 1

I think you are voting for Obama. You are very serious and Obama is very serious.  Mitt just smiles when he talks.

Edited to add- The day before the election:
Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I can't wait till tomorrow.  We find out who wins.  If Mitt wins, then we will have no power for 4 years.  I'm going to go to Greenland and start a new life with my family.

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