Friday, January 30, 2015

Quelf-- My New Favorite Game!

QUELF- it sounds weird, but it will make you laugh harder than you have in a long time.  I played this game twice over break and it was so fun. 

My favorite was probably the draw an elephant and rhino arm wrestling with your non-dominate hand. I laughed so hard at the results and the competitiveness of my friends! 

There are pictures and videos of us doing ridiculous things such as holding a plunger, wrapped up like a mummy,  singing a dong song, and much more, but I think my family and friends would kill me for posting. 

Here is the description from Amazon: 

  • Get ready for a hilarious, unpredictable game night Winner of over 6 awards, including Board Game of the Year, Quelf will make you laugh till you cry
  • There is no right or wrong answers, just read each card aloud and follow the instructions
  • Have you ever balanced a shoe on your head? How long can you go without blinking? Have you ever wanted to sit underneath the kitchen table? Well now is your chance
  • If you obey the card, you move forward Be the first player to the finish space that completes the Scatterbrainz question and you win
  • Quelf is the ultimate party game made for 3-8 players ages 12+

Quelf on Amazon get it, you won't regret it! 

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