Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Wreaths & Wine Party

Last week, I had my friends over for a "Wreaths & Wine" party.  I had given a few wreath lessons, during the fall, so I thought, "Why not have a party and get them all done at once?!" We met at my house, and then headed off to Hobby Lobby.  In the days before the party, we were pinning inspiration pictures, so most of us went with a vision in mind.  I was there to help them pull their vision together! I wish I would have taken pictures of us shopping. It was a sight to see! We all had our phones out with the pictures trying to find the perfect ribbon, pine branch, or ornament! Andrea even made a friend who was making a similar wreath! I thought she might invite her over too!

All of us spent around $25-50. Some of us hit up the fall sale, 80% off, so they spent a little more, because they bought more than just wreath supplies!

First we had a little dinner, then we got to work! I set up a large 6 foot table and the glue guns.  I would also suggest having out wire cutters, wire, picks, and scissors.

I gave a little lesson on deco mesh wreaths, and we all got to work! I love how they all turned out! Even some of them who are not crafty, and didn't have a vision, came out with great wreaths! It was a hit! A little wine, helps boost confidence too! :)

This is what happens when you try to do a self timer, that shoots 6 pics every time! As you can tell we were having fun! 

Our AWESOME wreaths! 

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