Thursday, November 21, 2013

Pink Laundry

My laundry room was inspired by a woman, Stephanie Vest, that I heard of through a friend. She had a rare form of cancer called Gamma Delta Lymphoma. 

"She had a flair for color and style, and created beauty where ever she went. In fact, she created a whimsical hot pink laundry room that helped her celebrate the beauty of completing a load of laundry."

I knew that when I had a house, I had to have it too! My huge laundry room was the perfect canvas for my Pink Dream and a small tribute to Stephanie, who sadly lost her battle with cancer in December of 2008. 

 The chandelier is from my grandparent's house.  I spray painted it black!
Zebra curtains that I made and tied up with pink bows.

My sister made these cute knobs for me!

In the laundry room, we tore out the floor and put in laminate wood. It made such a difference! It also made my hands have a bunch of blisters!! 

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