Tuesday, November 19, 2013

House Tour: Craft Room/Guest Bedroom

This room started as a Dallas Cowboys room.  I painted it a green color and added a few shabby chic details.

I'll admit, I "edited" while I took these pics... There may or may not be a huge mess on the floor. I am patiently waiting for Ikea to open here, so I can get a big shelf to organize all of my craft stuff! 
The comforter and curtain are both from Target.  The bed and night stand are from my grandparent's house.  They just needed a little goo gone and cleaning. 

I wrapped cardboard letters in yarn to make the CREATE sign.  I found the sewing table/file drawers at an antique store.

There are a quite a few touches from my Grandma's house in here. My grandma Cleo loved to sew. I have her sewing machine, and think of her almost every time I use it. The thread rack is from her house, along with the antique lace and notions frame, and the doll.


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