Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Water on the MacBook!

I had 3 projects lined up to work on using my Silhouette. Jocelyn was 30 minutes away from coming over to work on wedding stuff, my sister had called me to work on some wedding stuff for her, and I had a play date with Tasha and the twins to make onesies. 

Then it happened. I spilled water all over the keyboard of my MacBook! It immediately went dead. AHHHH! I didn't care that the water landed all over the floor and table and rug. I rushed to my computer and flipped it over. I got a towel and wiped it off. Then I grabbed my iPad, and googled "spilled water on MacBook." 

The message boards had all sorts of differing opinions.  Some said rice, some said flip it up-side-down, some said take it right to the store. Most of them said, it's dead. You ruined it.

If you know me, I am all about DIY. I like to try things myself, first, then, pay someone to help me. I went on a hunt for a screwdriver, I couldn't find a screwdriver that fit. So I ran across the street and asked the neighbors. Luckily one of them had one! I unscrewed the back screws on the computer. 

There was water inside. I dried off as much as I could with a paper towel. Inside, there were big signs on the battery that said don't take it apart. I listened to the warnings and said a few prayers to the computer gods. Then I got out my hair dryer. I have a COOL setting on my hair dryer. I used it at a distance on the cool setting.  Then I waited. And waited. 
20 hours later, IT TURNED ON! 

Jocelyn was able to bring her computer, and mine came back on in time to go see the babies! 

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