Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Life Changer. Emay's Salad

My friend Erin sent me this recipe a few months ago.  I decided I should try it. Here are her exact words:

Life changing salad that is. I'm not sure how kosher this is with everyone's various diets BUT it is my new obsession. No real measurements because that's no fun.

Chopped Romaine
Diced red bell pepper
Chopped red onion
Black beans
Corn (I sauteed some corn with cumin until it was a little browned...but grilling corn on the cob then cutting the kernels off would be even more delish!)
Diced tomato
Diced avocado
Toasted chopped walnuts (Add at end for crunch!)
Chopped cilantro

A few tablespoons of EVOO
A few minced garlic cloves (I LOVE garlic and this salad was pretty huge and I think I put in 4...so scale back if you aren't the biggest fan)
Lime Juice
A few dashes of soy sauce (I know, sounds weird, but it works)
Dash of crushed red pepper

SO DELISH!!! I grilled AV some chicken to put on top of his and he loved it. I think some sliced hard boiled eggs would be great as well. 

I cheated a little bit and bought the ingredients I could in the salad bar, so I wouldn't have to chop it all. I changed it a bit too. I added tortilla strips, and took away the walnuts.  I used grape tomatoes instead of diced tomatoes. I grilled chicken with "Arizona Dreamin" spices on it. In honor of her, way down in AZ! I also sprinkled salt and pepper over the salad in the end. It is pretty yummy, and pretty healthy too! 

I also made tortilla soup at the same time with the leftover corn, chicken, and black beans! 

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