Monday, December 17, 2012

LED vs. Incandescent Lights

We did a neat experiment this week in science.  We compared different kinds of holiday lights and the energy they used. I was blown away by how much less energy the LED lights used.  I didn't realize it was that drastic! They cost more, out of the box, but end up costing less to light up and last longer! They also don't get hot!

We went through the scientific method using a sheet that we have been using for all science experiments. I think my kids finally know how the steps and how to write a hypothesis!!! I provided them the pages suggested by the lesson plan to conduct their research, as well as let them read the box of the lights, and observe the lights. 

Activity Sheet and Directions from The Need Project: (pages 4-6)


Finally, we were able to do the experiment! They recorded their data and wrote a conclusion.  After they had their information down, they got to display it in a fun way.  I made light bulbs that had each step of the scientific method on it.  They had to copy their information into a final product.  Then they got to make a construction paper light bulb, and glitter glue the cover and make it fancy! I hung up the LED bulbs around the board.

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