Monday, December 3, 2012

Baby Burp Cloths

These are such a quick and easy gift to make for an expecting mom.  You can personalize them however you want, and there are so many cute fabrics out there to use too! They come in very handy! I have given a few as gifts, and they come back asking for more. So this time I set Erin up with 7! 

First of all you want the flat fold diapers, not the gauze pre-fold ones, I have made that mistake before! Be sure to wash them first, they will shrink a lot.  If you don't wash them, the fabric will not lie flat on the diaper.  Next, cut rectangles that fit a little longer than the diaper.  Iron an edge around the whole rectangle.  Sew onto diaper.  I use white bobbin, thread, so that it doesn't show up.  

I also sewed ribbon down the seams of the diaper for a few of them.  
In the past, I have left the edges fringed too! It makes for an even simpler project.  

The final step is to fold them and tie them up cute !

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