Monday, February 3, 2014

Stencil Vinyl on Wood

I tried out Silhouette's Stencil Vinyl... I love it! It comes with the transfer paper and the stencil is a little bit thicker than regular vinyl.  It made making this sign very easy. 

This was a custom order for one of my friends. 
A few notes-
-The white part is the vinyl. You cut it out with the silhouette using vinyl settings.
-After you cut it out, take out the part that you want to be painted, using a weeding tool.
-Use the brown part (transfer paper) to transfer your vinyl stencil to the surface you want to stencil.
-Make sure you don't have any air bubbles or gaps, and pay attention to where the borders are. (I was lucky I was going for a more rustic look, rather than a clean look on my first try)
--Remove the transfer tape and paint!
-Take off the stencil. I waited till the paint was a little bit dry then took it off to make sure I didn't get more paint on the blue parts.

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