Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My Olympian

With the Olympics going on, I was inspired to do a little research on my Grandma Becky.  She competed in the 1948 Winter Olympics! 

1948 Winter Olympics
St. Moritz, Switzerland

After a 12-year break, the Olympic Winter games took place for the first time since World War II. They chose St. Moritz because the sites they had used for the 1928 Olympics were still available, meaning they could quickly organize the games.  Germany was the host to the 1936 Olympics, but was not even considered, because of the war. Japan was not invited to these Olympics. The 1948 Olympics had 730 participants.  Only 80 of them being women.

My grandmother, Rebecca Ann Cremer, participated in these Olympics.  She was a member and captain of the Middlebury College Women’s Ski team. She participated in two events. Both events were debut events. The Alpine combine had been in the 1936 Olympics, but this time there were three events for both men and women. First they competed in a downhill race (which was also its own competition) followed by 2 slalom heats. Thirty-seven skiers from 11 different nations competed in the downhill event. Twenty-eight skiers from 10 different nations competed in the Alpine Combined event. While grandma didn’t medal, Gretchen Fraser was the first American skier to win gold!

Women’s Alpine Combined  
17th Place
First Run69.4 
Second Run72.5 
Difference (from Gold)+23.8 

They used the downhill time to calculate the points.
Downhill Points: 10.11
Slalom Points: 11.90
Total Points: 22.01

Women’s Downhill

22nd Place
Time: 2:44.2
Difference (From Gold) +15.9


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