Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Year in Review!

This Year In Numbers: 

1 Etsy store opened! Create. Cook. Teach. Etsy has been doing well!

2 Rooms painted in my house- My bedroom and kitchen!

3 Weddings attended! Congratulations to Becka & Jack, Jocelyn & Sean, and Rhien & Emily!

I finished 4 credit hours to bump me up to Masters +15!

Top 5 blog posts of all time: Free Rewards &PBIS, DIY Crate Coffee Table, Fabulous 5th Grade, Back to School Activities, and Spicy Ranch Pretzels

6 races- 3 5K's, 1 mile relay, 3.2 mile relay, and a 10K!

This year marked my 7th year teaching! Where has the time gone?

8 Shellac manicures! I'm kind of addicted! My students even commented when I was between manicures, "Miss Cremer, I've never seen you with out Shellac!"

9 successful veggies in my garden: Cucumbers, Zucchini, Poblano Peppers, Jalapeno Peppers, Grape Tomatoes, Serrano Peppers, Grafted Tomatoes, and Paste Tomatoes. (yellow squash and potatoes were a bust this year!)

I vacationed to 10 cities: Sacramento & Napa, CA, Gravois Mills & Shell Knob, MO, Chicago, IL, Las Vegas, NV and you can't forget the happenin' Kansas cities of Dodge City, Wichita, Cedar Point, and McPherson!

Attended a baby shower or sent gifts for 11 babies: Ellis, Jolie, Georgia, Ryder, Gavin, Silas, Scarlett, Ryker & Robin, and Micah & Noah! Yup, 2 sets of twins!

I read at least 12 books, which was my goal! Promise of Stardust was my favorite.

Watched 13 episodes, aka the 1st season of Orange is the New Black faster than I should have!

That was a challenge and took me way too long to do! Now off to do some organizing!

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