Monday, December 16, 2013

30th Birthday Wine Tasting

I really wanted to do a wine tasting for my 30th birthday. My friends Megan & Erica were kind enough to host and plan it for me!

Everyone brought a bottle, $15 or less, to share as part of a blind tasting. Megan wrapped and opened the bottles as guests arrived. Then when they were all wrapped, she stuck labels on them with letters. I wish we would have had people stick a label under the hidden label with who brought it and how much it was.

Then we each had these little cards that I made for us to fill out. There was a red version and a white version.

Once it was time for the tasting, we tried a little bit of each wine and ranked it on a 5 point scale.

In the end, our math teacher, added up all of the votes!

The winning bottles!!

Thanks girls for a great night!

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