Saturday, March 2, 2013

Pink Gallery Wall

I have painted my room a new grey color and needed some decorations! I started looking on Pinterest and found a few that I liked.  I knew I could replicate them.  I started scrounging around my house, and made a few trips to Hobby Lobby.  I made the ampersand, the She Believed, and used an old Birch Box box to create this arangement.

First I started off with everything I had and started moving them around on my bed.

Then, when I thought I had it, I hung it up. Still needing my gold antlers. 

Here are the final pictures. I LOVE it! 

From Left to right, top to bottom...
1. Crown made of gold fun foam taped on a Birch Box lid
3. Pink Frame from Hobby Lobby
6. My "Chair" senior picture
7. A from Marshalls
8. Black Picture frame - might find a new picture for this one
9. Light switch- still needs a gold frame around it. 

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