Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Duvet Dye Job

After I finished painting my bedroom, I really wanted new bedding. However, bedding is not cheap! I decided that I was going to dye my duvet cover and pillow shams.  I bought 2 bottles of liquid RIT dye in fuchsia.  I had great plans of avoiding the washer and doing it in a Rubbermaid tub and hanging it out to dry outside. However, cold weather, and Morgan convincing that the washer would be OK, I did it in the washer. I'm glad I did, because I could see it being a huge mess!

First, I filled the washer with hot water, enough to cover the fabric.  Next, I added the fabric, and made sure it was all wet.  Then, I added the whole bottle of dye. (The first time, I just did the pillow cases, and attempted the curtains, more on that later.) The first time I also used my hand to mix, without a glove, and my hand turned pink! Then you mix it up making sure that the dye is covering all of the fabric.  Turn the washer on, and let it run, till you hear it start to drain, and reset it.  The fabric should be in the washer for at least 30 minutes.  After 30 minutes in the hot water, you can let the washer run its normal course.  Then run it again, on warm water, with detergent.  Take it out of the washer and dry it. Now your washer... it will be pink! Or what ever color you dyed your material.  So it is time to bleach it! Add 1 cup bleach and detergent, like you would a normal load, and let it run its cycle.

The duvet, was not near as dark as the pillow case, so I did it twice. The first time I used 1 whole bottle. The 2nd time, after a run to Hobby Lobby, I did 1 1/2 bottles. I wish I would have done 2! It needs a lot, because there is a lot of fabric!

The curtains, did not turn out dark pink, they are more of a baby pink. I think with that type of fabric you have to add salt or something to them to make it stick! My duvet was cotton, and it worked just fine!

I did notice when I put the duvet, after it had been washed and dried, back in the washer with the hot water, the dye was seeping out, and the water was pink. So when you wash it for normal cleaning, wash it alone!! At least for the first few times.

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