Monday, October 28, 2013

Playroom Reveal!

This past weekend I went over to my friends house to finish up their playroom. I think it turned out great and the girls love it! It is amazing what a little paint and a few accessories can do! 

This room started out builders tan.  I think we did it under $200.  The paint for the room and bookshelves was about half.  The small accessories were basically free, as I used a lot of scraps and stuff I had at home.  The trough was $80, and makes an awesome, HUGE, toy box! I have to give Abbey the credit for that idea! 

Here you can see the red book shelves, banners, and tissue paper poms.  We painted the bookshelves with Annie Sloan Emperor's Red.  It took us 1 coat of paint and about 12/2 hours to finish them! I can't say it enough, how much I love Annie Sloan paint.  We did not have to sand, prime, or do anything to them before we painted them! 

 These banners were made from scraps of fabric I had. The poms were leftover from a party my mom went to.

Red frames with the girls pics in black and white are from Hobby Lobby. They were $4 each!

I have to give Cody the credit on this one! I gave him the idea, and he was the engineer and construction worker! He used hook and eyes, I think that is what you would call them, and 12 ft of thick wire.  He drilled holes and put the eyes in them.  Then he bought this mini tightener thing to adjust and tighten the wire.  He spray painted some clothes pins yellow to hang up artwork and pictures! 

This Play sign was made from scrap wood, yellow spray paint, vinyl, and washi tape.  

I painted this large frame with Annie Sloan paint. In 2 weeks, we are going to paint chalkboard paint behind it! 

We did a little sorting and rearranging and made an area for the girls to play house. 

I found these bins at the Dollar Tree. I used vinyl to add their names. We used these buckets to store small pieces and baby specific toys. 

The girls love it! They kept asking if they were having a party down there because of all of the decorations! 

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