Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Wedding Treasures

I made this suitcase for my sister to keep all of her wedding treasures. I searched high and low for a vintage suitcase that I liked down in the West Bottoms, our antique district. I found this old Samsonite that I think made a perfect wedding treasure suitcase!

She lives in CA, but for Christmas she was in Jersey/DC. So I took her this poem and a picture instead of her hauling it back and forth! 

This bag was too big to bring with me,
I’ve made it small for you to see.

It’s a vintage suitcase with your names,
To keep all of your wedding stuff you have claimed.

Cards, candles, mementos and more,
This will give you a place to store.

I’ll keep it in Kansas, for a while,
So you can gather cards and make a pile.

When June 29th comes we will bring it to you,
To use at your wedding boat venue.

With all of its treasures it will hold,
I’m sure it will be fun to look back at when you are old.

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