Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Far above the golden valley 
Glorious to view, 
Stands our noble Alma Mater, 
Towering toward the blue.

Lift the chorus ever onward, 
Crimson and the blue
 Hail to thee, 
our Alma Mater Hail to old KU.

Far above the distant humming 
Of the busy town, 
Reared against the dome of heaven. 
Looks she proudly down.

Greet we then our foster mother,
Noble friend so true, 
We will ever sing her praises, 
Hail to old KU.

Lift the chorus ever onward, 
Crimson and the blue 
Hail to thee, our Alma Mater 
Hail to old KU.

1. A city of Northeast Kansas.
2. The greatest place ever in the
 history of the entire world. 

I saw this definition on Pinterest, and had to get to work! At first, I was just going use vinyl and put it on the wall.  Then as I got started, I didn't want to waste the stencil. I grabbed a piece of wood and used the stencil to paint.  

Then, I put it up to a Facebook vote, what to do with it. I decided I needed to stain it and distress it.  This is what I came up with.  


I didn't love that, and it took too many steps. So I just put the vinyl right on the stained and distressed board! 

I know that a lot of my friends and followers will want one too! 
I have decided to sell the vinyl letters, so you can make your own sign, or put it on a wall. 
The vinyl cut outs are 16 inches long and 7 inches tall. 
They can be made in red, blue, white, or black. 
 email me at aprilcremer@gmail.com to order yours today! 

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