Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Craft Exchange Burlap Wreath

Twice a year, Craftaholics Anonymous hosts a Handmade Gift Exchange for readers and crafters everywhere. Participants make a handmade gift for another crafter with whom they are paired. This is a great way to make a gift.

 I was paired up with a lady from Sleepy Eye, MN. Sleepy Eye is a SMALL town in Minnesota, where my grandma's family lives!  I thought that was a small world connection! 

I made Alyssa this wreath.  I thought I was going to need those pipe cleaners, but it turned out I only needed 2!   I used 2 rolls of burlap, a metal wreath frame, a snowflake ornament, and some floral picks.

I started off by attaching the burlap end to the wreath with a pipe cleaner.  

 Then I folded the burlap in half, and wove it through the rings.  I went bottom, middle, top. I kept saying that over and over as I did it. Depending on how full you want it, you can do 3-4 bottom, middle, tops per section.
 Keep going around and around... when you have to add the 2nd roll of burlap, tie it on with the pipe cleaner.
 I then added in decorations! I wired the snowflake on so she can change it out for different seasons (I'm thinking a heart, clover, eggs, flags, etc!)

In return she sent me this: 

An oven mit, tea towel, cute little bag, and a lace reindeer ornament! Wishing I would have put up my pink tree this year!

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