Friday, August 12, 2016

10 YEARS?! Flexible Seating and Daily 5

Today was the first day of my 10th year teaching! I think every year it gets a little easier, but I am always learning something new. This year, I really want to embrace flexible seating, Daily 5, and CAFE.

For the first time in 10 years, I did not assign kids seats. They got to pick, and will get to pick each day! I can already tell they are going to love it! One of my kiddos has a lot of energy, without asking, felt comfortable moving for each activity we did. He was on the floor, at his desk, and at the writing station. My flexible seating includes: A $10 loveseat, low tables with pillows, crate seats, yoga balls, IKEA benches, a re-do foot stool, more pillows, clipboards, desks, a circle table with cushions, and a few other chairs. I found the hashtag #starbucksmyroom on Twitter and really wanted to go for that vibe.

I turned the desks the other way and won't let them put stuff in them.  Instead, they have plastic shoe boxes that can move around with them. I also made book bags with my new heat press!


You will also notice, I took out a lot of the bright colors I have always had and made it more neutral with a little inspiration from Joanna Gaines! ;) The wood is fadeless paper I bought off of Amazon. I had fun re-doing the old $6 window from Re-Store to make a memo board.

This summer I participated in a Daily 5 and CAFE book study. I am excited to implement both this year. I did a modified Daily 5 last year and LOVED it!

I'm excited to begin this journey with a new teaching partner too!


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