Monday, September 7, 2015

2015-2016 Classroom Reveal

I took a little blogging break, and I have a lot to share! School has been in session for 4 weeks. This year they took out the desk top computers in my room, and it made me have so much more space! So I went on a few trips to IKEA and got some new furniture to make a gathering area and a book nook!
This was attempt 1, it was not awesome.

This area is used for our gathering and group lessons. Half of the class is allowed to sit in the "special chairs" and half is on the floor. They switch every week. The rug, table, lamp, and bench are all from IKEA!
I made these new crate seats. They are awesome because I can store stuff in them too!
This area is new too. I like having the different areas for the kids to work.
I finally decided on the horseshoe layout for desks. It seems to be working well with this group.
My desk and math wall, didn't really change much from last year.
Here is the fun pano of my room! 

I'm trying out flexible seating this year. I do regular seats during instruction. In the morning they have DEAR time first thing and can sit wherever (my room has never been that peaceful in the morning). When I do a lesson at the back rug, I let them spread out and and sit in chairs/on crates, on the rug. They actually behave better than all crammed on the floor making them sit on their pockets. Half of the class is on the floor and the other half are in the chairs. Today during our tests on the iPad, they just went around the room without even asking, and I let it go. They are focused and comfortable. The kids with ADHD or that need to move around, were actually more focused I think, because they could wiggle and not interrupt people. 


  1. I love your room. Your kids are lucky that you are so imaginative. Yea for IKEA!

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