Monday, October 13, 2014


A few weeks ago, my mom sent me a text asking if I wanted this hutch. Someone had left it at her rental house when they moved out. I can't say no to free furniture. Especially, because I have been looking for something like this to fix up. 
It was a blue, but it wasn't all painted. It needed some love. 

The top was this awful speckled fake counter top material. 

So I got some gel stripper and stripped it off. 
Only to find out it was fake wood.

I gave it a few coats of Mother Earth White Lace paint.

I Loved it, but really wanted to do something with the top. 
I had my friends look at it and we brainstormed. Grey, white, new wood?
The hardware also got some Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint love.

The blue shines thru where I distressed it.

The top came right off!

I ran to Lowes, and got 3 boards that were the same as my kitchen table. The nice guy at Lowes even cut them for me!

A little stain action and sanding and they were ready to be put on! 

I LOVE IT! The best part it was under $50!

The hard part is decorating it! I've had about 12 different arrangements. 

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